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Buy, Sell, Start a Business Tools

Not sure what or where to begin, or where to go from here when considering any of those three actions? These tools provide you those answers and will also provide you the understanding and the reports to ensure that when you go to a lending institution for money you will have the proper financial information about your business. As a bookkeeper you need to ensure that your clients information is in order, these tools will save you time.


Business / Bookkeeping Tools and Templates

Want to maximize on your tax deductions? Save money on bookkeeping and accounting fee's? You own, manage, or are a bookkeeper for a business and need tools and templates to assist your bookkeeping and administrative needs. These tools ensure that all your tax deductions available to you are accounted for and will be brought to the attention of your tax accountant for discussion!


Bookkeepers Tools and Templates

Have you run out of time to take on more clients but want to make more money? Our tools will help you make more money while working less hours and provide better service and quality to your clients. Our library of tools have controls to catch errors, and tax compliance to the year end bookkeeping!


Bookkeepers Quote/File Organization

Need a starting point or a QA for your file organization ? These bookkeeping tools provide a standard for the billing/time needed for each task and to organize and assist in the management of the bookkeeping file and save you time and money.


GST Tools and Templates

Unsure of everything you need to complete the bookkeeping for GST filing or compiling.  Start here!


Medical Claim Tools

If you have or someone you know has medical illnesses and you are unsure what you can claim or how you can claim? The medical expense tax credit, the disability tax credit and the attendant care expense deduction all provide tax relief for individuals. Use these tools to ensure that you are receiving all the money you deserve.

Simplified Ledger

Simplified Ledgers

As a bookkeeper, manager or small business you are looking for an easy to use entry level bookkeeping ledger? An excel based ledger that provides the reports required to compile the bookkeeping for the year end.  This tool will save you the business owner money in bookkeeping fee's.  As a bookkeeper this will save you hours of frustration and time. 

Tested and Accepted 


Office in Home Tools

Are you an employee, a business or have a client operating business out of the home? These tools will calculate the use of your percentage of your entire home including the garage and organize your receipts. Calculate today, ensure you are maximizing on all your space.

Tested and Accepted


Payroll Tools and Templates

Does payroll frustrate you?  Unsure of how to ensure you are accounting for the payroll accurately? As a small business owner, manager or a bookkeeper you want to find easy to use tools that assist you with your payroll tasks to complete the payroll. Start here!


Automobile Tools

Does your business or your clients have a vehicle and you need to ensure that you are maximizing on their benefits? Without vehicles your business might come to a grinding halt. Utilizing the proper tools to account for the automobile and expenses will save you money as a business.  As a bookkeeper you will ensure you have the proper record keeping tools for this asset and will save you time.


Personal / Employee Tools and Templates

Unsure how to claim and maximize your personal &/or employee income tax deductions? Tools for medical claims, child tax credits and much more. As an employee you need proper tools to record your expenses, reimbursements, living out allowance etc. to ensure you save all your money. The tools will assist you with those needs.


Corporation Minute Book Tools

Unsure of what a minute book is? How to manage the minute book? What should a minute book contain? A minute book is used to store all important corporate documents such as the articles of incorporation, the minutes of shareholders and directors meetings, stock certificates, tax filings, by-laws and other legal documents.  Business owners need to ensure that they keep these records in order.  As a bookkeeper you need these records on hand in one place for easy access and will save you time.

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