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Accounting Cycle

A bookkeeper would record the payment amounts to the government & up to 13 payroll employees. The reporting ledgers create the totals for the T4 of each employee and the employer summary correctly. This worksheet also produces a year to date record on each employee.

SKU: SF900v1

Communication Resolution Tool

When communication between parties needs to be documented this tool will give you a format to begin with. Remember if it is not written down it is not so.

SKU: SF490vc

Bookkeepers Interview

Get to know your client through a Bookkeepers Interview. It allows you to hold the client accountable to the information they have provided you. Asking the right questions to a potential new client is essential. This interview asks 22 questions which will be a great asset to you and your client.

SKU: SF060vi

Bookkeepers Service Agreement

This tool will eliminate the assumption factor. It can be used to : 1. Prepare the client for the fee of the service. 2. Prepare the compiler the work load coming to them. 3. Reassures the client that you are aware of the expectations.

SKU: SF020v3

Financial Statements - Everything you need to Know

When all corporate books are completed, you end up with financial statement reports; you need to understand the basics of these reports. The financial statements "shows you the money"

SKU: SF003v3

Travel Expense Year to Date

Need to reconcile your year to date total of Travel expenses, this tool is the one for you.

SKU: SF242vb

Business Information

You will be able to keep a lot of information about a business or corporation in one location without having to assemble a group of documents

SKU: SF053vv

How do I incorporate a Company?

If you have a business of any type then chances are you have asked yourself whether you should incorporate your business.

SKU: SF8100va

Partnership Determination

This tool would be used by partners who do not have separate bookkeeping when they need to determine what percent of partnership is assigned to each partner.

SKU: SF1101vd

Shares ACB Calculates

When tracking the gain or loss of a share purchased or sold, this spreadsheet would calculate the transaction.

SKU: SF135vd

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