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Bookkeeping Agenda

The most tedious part of running a small business and yet the most important, finances. Managing your finances doesn’t come easy to most business owners and yet without a watchful eye over the bottom line, companies fail, people lose jobs and problems arise.

SKU: C2200va

Tax Form & Slip Completion Checklist

This checklist is to assist in the various tasks performed when completing annual tax forms and slips necessary for an employee.

SKU: SF344vh

Year End Disbursements Authorized

This tool is a central location to record disbursements through out the year to each individual, IE: Payroll, contractors, dividends paid etc.

SKU: SF481vb

Guarantee Payroll Benefits

This letter will provide a detailed reminder to your bookkeeping clients that disbursements & benefits provided to an individual or company may be subject to payroll with holdings.

SKU: SF141vg

Management Fee Records

This tool is used to reconcile the self declared wages & contract fees between the company and the associated individual (assoc company) to compliment the completion of the payroll and government slip requirements of both the payer and payee.

SKU: SF128vg

Government Forms Routing Business

This checklist will assist the bookkeeper on the task of how to complete & eventually deliver the T4 & summary information to the employee, the employer and the government.

SKU: SF345vi

ITC on CCA Carryforward

When needing to track the input tax credits (ITC) of an asset which is part business use for a GST return, this document would enable you to track your journal entry.

SKU: SF126vb

Receipts Bundled To Ledger

If you have received or created the financial statements for a business and need to do some adjustments to the general ledgers, this spreadsheet will document them for you.

SKU: SF146vd

Reimbursements of Incidentals

Have you submitted multiple expense reports and waiting for reimbursement? This tool will give you one location for all awaiting reimbursement and those of which are outstanding.

SKU: SF241vf

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