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Automobile Log with Journey Calculator

SKU: SF255vf


Keep a trip log to identify the business use of your vehicle

A separate log should be kept for each vehicle which is driven for both business and personal use.  For the self-employed, only the business portion of vehicle expenses can be deducted from income, and GST/HST input tax credits are only allowed related to the business use of a vehicle.  For businesses which provide vehicles to employees, trip logs substantiate the business use of a vehicle, and the business must calculate the taxable benefit to employees based on the personal use.

The log should record the date of each business trip, destination, reason for the trip, and the kilometres driven.  The odometer reading of the vehicle must also be recorded, at the beginning and end of each year, to determine the total kilometres driven in the fiscal period.

If you buy, sell or trade your vehicle during the year, be sure to record the odometer reading at that time.

Keeping a record is simple with this excel based tool.  It records and auto calculates the auto trips completed by comparing to actual receipts & invoices. Therefore is you were audited by the government ..this ledger has been created to compliment the need to create a log AFTER the fact in the case of an audit.

Individuals, bookkeepers, accountants and/or  business owners all should review this tool as an asset to their record keeping of their expenses.

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