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Medical Space in Home for Caregiver Protocol

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If you provide in-home care to a parent or grandparent age 65 or older, you may be able to claim the caregiver amount up to $4,223. The claim is available for dependents whose net income is less than $18,645.

If you provide in-home care to any dependent relative who is 18 or over and infirm, you may be able to claim the infirm amount up to $4,223. The claim is available for dependents whose net income is less than $10,215.

This form details the items needed for the expense claim of an in home care giver and the utilization of space in your home.

Watch for the Disability Tax Credit: If you have been approved by the Canada Revenue Agency for the disability amount, you
can claim $7,239. If you qualify for the disability amount and you were under 18 at the end of the year, you can claim up to an additional $4,223. However, this supplement may be reduced if someone claimed child care
expenses or attendant care expenses.

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Claim your elderly parent as a dependent if his income is less the $3,300 a year, and he is a U.S. citizen or meets a resident citizenship test.

Determine how much you spend on living expenses for your elderly parent. To be able to claim her, you have to show that you pay half of her yearly living expenses. This includes basic shelter or rent (including other bills), meals and clothes. You can also claim medical bills and expenses that your parent's insurance does not pick up

Add your parent's room and board into the cost for expenses. Your senior parent does not have to be living with you in order for you to claim him. However, if he does, consider deducting the area of the house he occupies to the list of expenses.

Having your elderly parent reside with you is not sufficient by itself to claim an exemption for them. The IRS also requires that you provide more than half of their necessary financial support during the tax year. However, when your elderly parents live with you, you can allocate a portion of your housing expenses based on the number of members in your household as support you provide for them. This includes your food expenses, rent, utility charges and repairs. However, if you own your home, you can estimate what the fair market value of the rent is for the living space you provide your parents with to calculate your support contributions. For example, if you reside with your spouse, two children and one elderly parent, allocating 20 percent of the expenses to your parent's support is appropriate. In addition to their housing allocation, you can also include expenses for which your parent directly benefits, such as entertainment, clothing and transportation you provide.

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