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Automobile log for Medical Expenses

SKU: SF140vc

This document allows you to keep a diary of trips taken for medical reasons to use for a medical deduction on your personal tax return. It is critical to know the total number of kilometres your automobile was driven during the year for any medical purposes when you have traveled over 40 km one way.

An individual, tax practitioner, bookkeeper or accountant would find this document very useful.

See our Simplified Ledger Medical with alternative periods for an automated version of this document, as well as a method of calculating your medical receipt totals. 

You also have to keep track of the number of kilometres you drove in that time period, as well as the number of kilometres you drove specifically for the purpose of moving or medical expenses, or for the northern residents deductions. Your claim for vehicle expenses is the percentage of your total vehicle expenses that relate to the kilometres driven for moving or medical expenses, or for northern residents deductions.

For example, if you drove 10,000 km during the year, and half of that was related to your move, you can claim half of the total vehicle expenses on your tax return.

Although you do not need to keep detailed receipts for actual expenses if you choose to use the CRA simplified method, we may still ask you to provide some documentation to support your claim. You must keep track of the number of kilometres driven during the tax year for your trips relating to moving expenses and northern residents deductions, or the 12-month period you choose for medical expenses.

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