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Meeting Minutes Sample

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You have the duty of recording minutes for your board meeting and now you question what should those minutes contain?  You are not alone.  Most of us have sat through a meeting writing what we thought to be minutes and we found out later we left out essential information.  Meetings are vital for management and communication.  Properly ran meetings save time, increase motivation, productivity and solve problems. Not only do they solve problems but they also create new ideas and initiatives.

Minute meetings are vitally important.  They capture the essential information of a meeting  - what decisions and assigned actions were discussed.  They also provide documented assurance for your colleagues so that the discussions occurred have been captured for reference at a later date.

Minutes do not require to be an exact recording they are meant to summarize what happened during that meeting.  They are the basic information of record for the actions assigned and decisions made.

Recording meeting minutes ensures that the decisions and actions resulting from a meeting aren’t lost or forgotten. By taking the time to record proper meeting notes you’ll make sure the time and effort that goes into a meeting isn’t wasted.



  • Number the pages as you go so you aren’t confused later. Remember, though, that the minute-taker is responsible for providing good flow. Don’t force yourself to write the minutes in the actual chronological order of the discussion - it may not work.


  • Focus on action items, not discussion. The purpose of minutes is to define decisions made and to record what actions are to be taken, by whom and when.


  • Be objective. Write in the same tense throughout and avoid using people’s names except for motions or seconds. This is a business document, not about who said what.


  • Avoid inflammatory or personal observations. The fewer adjectives or adverbs you use, the better. Dull writing is the key to appropriate minutes.


  • If you need to refer to other documents, attach them in an appendix or indicate where they may be found. Don’t rewrite their intent or try to summarize them.  (International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).)

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