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Simplified Ledger - Business

SKU: SF199v4m


This bookkeeping template assists to compile & reconcile transactions to accounts, statements & receipts (can amend 5% gst auto calculation). You record all the transactions (activity) of the business into one excel template that will automatically transfer the information to several necessary ledger reports. This product does account for PST.

Anyone, a bookkeeper, a small business who needs to total and sort multiple receipts will find this tool useful, as easy as balancing the ins and outs of a cheque book.

Canada Revenue Agency Audited and Accepted.

If you have bookkeeping experience, you might be interested in the tool Rec Tape. This ledger will compile your file totals quickly and increase your productivity on your file. Click here to learn more!

Simplified Ledger - Business


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Carmen Bookkeeper: I love the Simplified Ledger. It saves so much time when entering things like cash receipts, expense reported for all types of business or using it as financials for proprietorships because it allows to input both income and expenses and the formulas are designed to not only total them for you but to separate into each category, saving time and money as input into a accounting program is not necessary.

Chantelle Bookkeeper: I am self employed as a bookkeeper for several small businesses. I use Simplified Ledger Business to quickly add up expenses, reconcile bank statements, gather GST information and provide a complete breakdown of expenses that transfer easily to a software or tax program. What used to take me hours to add tape and breakdown for tax preparers, now has simplified and sped up the process. Since it is very easy to use, I can train my clients on it to do at their own location and have more control over their own companies bookkeeping. The office in home calculates spreadsheet is so accurate that it enables all of my clients to see how much they are actually spending in their own home on their company

Dutton Welding - Small Business: In my husband’s business of 15 years, we’ve been paying for a bookkeeper because I have a full time job. After talking to Darlene, she suggested I get our 16 year old daughter involved in the bookkeeping end of things. Darlene taught her how to match the receipts to the source of payment. She learned how to use the Simplified Ledger which had a prepare manual attached. I saw how easy it was to do, so I have now taken over the job.

SJM Welding - Small Business: As a small biz owner I needed something to do my books on the computer. I purchased Simplified Ledger Biz and had no excel experience. Simplified ledger is easy enough for me "A beginner of doing books on the computer" Like everything, Once I got the hang of it, it all make sense. If something doesn't line up, Its easier to figure out why somethings not lining up.


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