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Communication Resolution Tool

Communication is essential and vital for any business bookkeeper. Effective communication helps create positive customer experiences in complex situations. Utilize this tool for note taking regarding communication with your client ensures you have a record to refer back to regarding conversations and / or conflict resolution.

SKU: SF940vc

What is in a Minute Book

A minute book is used to store all important corporate documents such as the articles of incorporation, the minutes of shareholders and directors meetings, stock certificates, tax filings, by-laws and other legal documents.

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Meeting Minutes Sample

You have the duty of recording minutes for your board meeting and now you question what should those minutes contain? You are not alone. These tips and free template will help you.

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Biz Begins with Books

Record keeping is considered by many entrepreneurs as one of the
"least important" part of operating a business (unless you are an
accountant). However, good record keeping is essential to your
financial survival.

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Child Fitness Tax Credit

Do not lose out on personal tax credits by not having all the required information to be eligible for the federal tax credit claim for what you paid for your child's fitness programs or ensure your program provides the correct receipt to the parents of kids in your clubs program (fees for soccer, football, cheer leading, etc.). Included on the document are the links to the Canada Revenue Agency if you are unsure of whether the program qualifies for the tax credit.

SKU: SF275vf


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Attribution Meals to Daycare

It is often difficult, for example, to separate the cost of feeding your own children from the cost of feeding children in your daycare program when groceries are bought together or if your own laundry is done at the same time as laundry used during the course of business.

SKU: SF131va

Remote Site for Meal Claims

According to Canada Revenue Agency(CRA), every employer who gives a subsistence meal allowance must record the details of each employee's duration on the work site. This is the back up of the 100% deduction the company is claiming on their financial reports.

SKU: SF043vb

Allowable Business Investment Loss

When claiming an Allowable Business Investment Loss you will need some direction for the need for back up when you claim.

SKU: SF578vb

Job Description Assistant

When hiring and training an assistant, this generic list will provide you a start to that training.

SKU: SF447vb

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