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By Lisa Patrick on 3/29/2012 12:40 PM

Small businesses across Canada are reporting hidden charges and misleading sales practices in their dealings with some of the contractors who supply them with credit and debit card machines, CBC News has learned.  After speaking with journalist Holly Moore at CBC about pivotal payments for their recent article on Pivotal Payments we thought we would provide in more detail the steps to resolve our sister's company issue with the company.

By Lisa Patrick on 3/20/2012 9:47 AM

Celiac disease affects approximately 1 and 133 people.  Most people who suffer from this disease are not aware that they can deduct the expense of the food from their personal income tax return. 

At C2onlime we are offering a Free excel based tool to assist you in compiling and calculating the credit available from Canada Revenue Agency and providing you the opportunity to claim the medical expense.  The tool provides you the worksheet to compile the groceries you have sent and also includes the deduction information from CRA and gluten free grocery lists.

By Lisa Patrick on 3/5/2012 12:00 AM
Quick Tips – Protocol for Communicating with Social Feeds

I am not a social media expert.  I am a professional business owner struggling to find my way for using the social media. I have no time to sift through pages of articles to find quick tips that I can apply instantly.   So this is short and straight to the point… so I hope it helps you!

Use a code of ethical conduct when communicating to anyone on the internet.

Linked In - Discussions and Groups: INFORMATION SHARING

1.   Posting self promotion or listing commercials in the ‘start’ discussion header of linked in is not allowed. 

2.   You wrote an article or blog and you know it can help the group – ask the moderator of the group to post it for you OR create the discussion around the focal point of the article – share the information within and pose a question to the audience; Linked-In is about creating discussions around the topic and sharing the information to others.

3.   In the feed of another discussion add...
By Lisa Patrick on 3/4/2012 9:04 PM
We have recently determined that a business may pay a scholarship to a staff member or their family members.  This would be a taxable benefit in some situations to the family member.

If the family member meets certain criteria, he or she may be able to exclude the amount from income on his or her income tax and benefit return. Any questions about the T4A slip issued to the family member, you can refer them to Scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, study grants, and artists’ project grants , or to their General Income Tax and Benefit Guide.

For more information please follow this link to Tuition fees, scholarships, and bursaries

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Re: 5 Tips on How to be a Good Client for Your Bookkeeper
I hope all clients see this article!! THANK YOU for putting these simple tips out there. I feel like sometimes I am not taken seriously enough.
Re: Bookkeeping Basics for the New Entrepreneur and the 5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid
Great blog post! I can agree with everything mentioned here. Every business, regardless of size, needs some kind of bookkeeping system, whether it's manual or digital. In addition, every bookkeeper needs to be trained by a certified bookkeeping trainer. Bookkeeping training is really important because of the skills and experience it provides to all the bookkeeping students. In turn, this minimizes the risk for all the mistakes mentioned in your blog and ensures smooth-sailing. I look forward to reading more from you.
Re: Bookkeeping Quotes - How to Communicate Clearly!
Hi Linda
We are about to launch the quote - Look for more information over the upcoming days.
Re: Bookkeeping Quotes - How to Communicate Clearly!
Is there any word on when the quoting tool will be available?
Tks, Linda
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