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An Inspirational Story of Connections C2online

Many people think that networking is something that you do, rather than a way that you live. Networking is a life skill, rather than something you do only when you want something. I recently read Dragon - Jim Treliving’s book, Decisions.  His book inspired me on so many levels but it also compelled me to write this article.  In his book Jim said ‘the story of my life is a story of connections, each one bringing me to where I am today.’  Jim Treliving, Decisions: , Jim Treliving Media Ltd, 2012 p.251. “Always leave something on the table.” Jim Treliving, Decisions: , Jim Treliving Media Ltd, 2012 p.129

If you have not learned that most successful entrepreneurs live their life by giving without expectation than you are more likely to not have achieved success.  I learned early in my career that giving to my relationships required effort, the willing to give, share and support.  I also learned that in the process of not expecting anything in return I was rewarded with relationships that became best friends that were once a perfect stranger.

Most people intuitively know that people who are well connected have an advantage. You are far more easily able to tap the wisdom and network of your friend because you have built a trust and a level of respect that has been mutually beneficial.   That perfect stranger, now my best friend also has a life story of connections.

 You also build a story of connections by always leaving something on the table.  That perfect stranger across the table that you have only met for the first time, whether you are buying something or selling something; if you don't let greed drive your motivation and you leave something on the table your story has a foundation to build from … Remember, that perfect stranger also has a life story of connections.

 I wrote this article not to tell you I have a network but to share with you an inspirational story for me and to thank Jim for guiding me on my path to how I define success – a life of a story of connections.  Someone once told me if you measure your success with money, remember ‘you can buy a house but you can’t buy a home ….’ So, thank you Jim.

Lisa Patrick

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