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As an Accountant what Investments do We Recommend Lisa Patrick

When considering investing, please call the investment company’s client service line and pretend to have a question on an investment they have.  See how long you sit on hold before you actually talk to some one.  Please try this a 3 different times during the day.
Also consider giving the investment company a token small investment and then wait for statements to arrive and do the same practice above.

When you do get to talk to them ask them to help you read their investment statements.
This should help you decide if you should be investing with that company!
We could tell you based on our needs from these investment companies who is prompt, who has a customer service system that actually serves clients.  In the interest of respect to those companies, we would rather have customers make choices based on an informed decision.

Contact us if you are considering an investment that you may have questions about that relate to your tax situation.

Darlene Lafond, C.P.C., R.P.A.

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