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Litigation against Pivotal Payments Lisa Patrick


Our sister company 402829 Alberta Ltd. is  currently in litigation with Pivotal Payments.
We will be in litigation with Lease Finance Group LLC in Alberta very shortly.
We have surpassed mediation stage, pre-trial stage and we expect to be at trial in a couple months.
We are even building our case to go to Arbitration in Quebec, if necessary. 
We believe we will be successful. 

Once we saw the number of complaints about having debit card machines not working, etc. our core instinct was to help small businesses!! 
402829 Alberta Ltd. / Morinville Business Centre which encompasses, a H&R Block franchise and an Alberta Treasury Branch Agency and owns shares in  402829 Alberta Ltd. is an established business of 20+ years. 

At C2online we decided to poll the internet and see if any one is interested in viewing a webinar on how we have got this far and why we believe we will be successful? What we have used to build our court case? How many others are there out there that need help from others in the same situtation. will be building a free webinar to help any one out there on how to get out of their lease and contracts with pivotal.  We will also let you know how to go to Quebec and deduct the expenses as a business expense….sounds great?
Darlene Lafond is a qualified tax practitioner in Canada, and she can prove that a trip to Quebec to arbitrate is a tax deduction for her business.   It can be for yours.  If you want to make a trip to Quebec for when we arbitrate, Darlene will show you how you can write that trip off in your business.

Take some time and contact us with information you have … No obligation but we would even be more scary in numbers!!!


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