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Seniors in Alberta getting Money from Revenue Canada for expenses! Lisa Patrick
 The Alberta government is giving money away for a good cause.
I seen a cheque today for $4900.00  that was repaying the senior for a furnace, hot water tank and funeral expenses for her husband.

She had no idea.  I told her I could show her how Alberta Seniors Benefit provides tax free money for all kinds of things.
Furniture, appliances, home repairs, medical expenses, to many to list on this
Hey you sandwich generation out there.  Take on a task for your senior parent.
Your Alberta Senior parent is missing out on money!  

Click on this website:
Allowable Expenses - Alberta Seniors and Community Supports <>

Treatment as a taxpayer by Canada Revenue Agency Lisa Patrick

Canada Revenue Agency states that there are 3 methods to obtain satisfaction…but if we may suggest there are 4!!
1.         If you are experiencing a bad experience in the way you are being treated by a Canada Revenue Agency Auditor, ask to speak to their supervisor.

2.         Lodge your complaint on line if method 1. does not work
CRA – Service Complaints, complete Form RC193,
Service Related Complaint, which you can get by going to or by calling 1-800-959-2221 <>  for the form… and then fax it completed.
3.         Contact the office of the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman
If, after following steps 1 and 2, you are still not satisfied with the way the CRA has handled your complaint, you can file a complaint with the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman.

For more information on the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman and on how to file a complaint, visit their Web site at
4.         We would like to suggest you explore the use of a qualified tax accountant when dealing with Canada Revenue Agency.
Please call me or email me if you have experienced anything – we can help for sure!  Possibly at no cost to you!
See <>  

Poster - Taxpayer Bill of Rights from Canada Revenue AGency <>

Darlene Lafond  R.P.A., C.P.C.

Did the shareholder of your company die? Lisa Patrick

 In the event one of the major shareholders of a corporation dies, if the shares are transferred to a related party or the actual estate results in a change in control of the corporation.  This does not result in a split of the fiscal year and the requirement of filing two tax returns and two financial statements in the corporation’s fiscal period.  (This process is deemed a non arms length transaction)

When shares are sold and control of the corporation is affected by a sale to a non related party, a corporation is required to issue a financial statement and tax return as of the date of the shares sale and then the annual year end financial statement and tax return.

Darlene Lafond R.P.A., C.P.C.

Tax Court? Lisa Patrick

Our tax system and our government do provide a free method to go to court - The Informal Procedure.  Do not let fear stop you from going... you can win against the government!

In some cases the income tax book can be presented in different ways.  We have challenged and won! If you have any questions or conerns don't hesistate to contact us.

Darlene Lafond R.P.A.
Master Tax Accountant

Factors on Deciding who is Your Bookkeeper! Lisa Patrick


1. who to hire for a bookkeeper?
2. is your bookkeeper doing the job right?
3. is your bookkeeper stealing from you?
7 DO rules:
1.         do request a security report from some regulatory authority, the police?
2.         do have a routine day in the month that you actually sign the cheques to pay the people you owe.
3.         do randomly with out warning, ask from your bookkeeper for the copy of the most current bank statement with all the cheques attached with the print out of the bank ledger and the bank reconciliation report.
4.         do look at the cheques attached to determine if the cheques are logical for your company.
5.         do bring the random information you requested to your tax accountant.. at that time a quick cross ticking of the information should tell the accountant if the cheques appear the same on the reports
6.       do request financial reports be provided by your bookkeeper at a random time and ask your tax accountant to determine the logic on the reports and if possible compared to the previous year.
7.         do commit some time every year that you learn one section of your financial statements either from your tax accountant or take a FREE government course. (account payable, account receivable, assets, statement reconciliation, loans & liabilities, equity or shares, balance sheet, operating expenses and capital expenses, income, etc) <>  (go on line and search what courses they have close to your area.
3 DO NOT rules:
1.         do not have the same person always preparing the deposit information from the cash drawer as the same one always depositing to the bank.
2.         do not allow your bookkeeper signing authority on your bank accounts.
3.         do not have the same person issuing your cheques and posting to the bookkeeping as the person who matches and balances the information to the statement accounts.

Darlene Lafond
Master Tax Accountant

Litigation against Pivotal Payments Lisa Patrick


Our sister company 402829 Alberta Ltd. is  currently in litigation with Pivotal Payments.
We will be in litigation with Lease Finance Group LLC in Alberta very shortly.
We have surpassed mediation stage, pre-trial stage and we expect to be at trial in a couple months.
We are even building our case to go to Arbitration in Quebec, if necessary. 
We believe we will be successful. 

Once we saw the number of complaints about having debit card machines not working, etc. our core instinct was to help small businesses!! 
402829 Alberta Ltd. / Morinville Business Centre which encompasses, a H&R Block franchise and an Alberta Treasury Branch Agency and owns shares in  402829 Alberta Ltd. is an established business of 20+ years. 

At C2online we decided to poll the internet and see if any one is interested in viewing a webinar on how we have got this far and why we believe we will be successful? What we have used to build our court case? How many others are there out there that need help from others in the same situtation. will be building a free webinar to help any one out there on how to get out of their lease and contracts with pivotal.  We will also let you know how to go to Quebec and deduct the expenses as a business expense….sounds great?
Darlene Lafond is a qualified tax practitioner in Canada, and she can prove that a trip to Quebec to arbitrate is a tax deduction for her business.   It can be for yours.  If you want to make a trip to Quebec for when we arbitrate, Darlene will show you how you can write that trip off in your business.

Take some time and contact us with information you have … No obligation but we would even be more scary in numbers!!!


Links to more information:


Contact us for more information.


Lost GST#? Now what? Lisa Patrick

If you obtain a receipt for purchases and the GST number is not valid, the Canadian government can actually elliminate the GST payment.

We recommend that for large purchases for your business, validate the GST number by verifying the status of the vendor's GST number at the time of purchase and print the print the results.

Go to Canada Revenue Agency for further information or contact us.

Frustrated- Payroll Due! Lisa Patrick

As a small business owner who does not want to pay your bookkeeper or accountant to file the ONE T4 slip you have for the year..what do you do?

Well I went online to the CRA website and fumbled around ... really let's not make it easy for us to find things...

I have included in this article the T4 Summary you need to fill out.. Just CLICK HERE and download.

I have also included the T4... Just CLICK HERE and download.

Good Luck
Lisa Patrick, CEO

Tax Claim - Medical fee's Lisa Patrick

You can deduct as a tax payer your fees associated with the task of your doctoring filling out medical forms as a medical expense. 

I represent that you should claim the tax preparation fee as a medical expenses.  If it was ever challenged I would represent that in tax court... logical to me.

You should also ask your self if you are claiming all your expenses that are eligible for a deduction.  We have 9 products online dealing with medical claims. Just go to our store and search 'medical'.

Darlene Lafond R.P.A.

Are you a snow bird? What you know before entering back to Canada! Lisa Patrick

 If you leave Canada for 6 months or an extended period of time, you could lose health care benefits from your province, old age security payments, and subsidies.
A quick copy of your passport will prove your reentry.  OR keep all your return travel papers (boarding pass)  for ever!
I asked a custom agent why they do not stamp all passports on return, they said it is not their policy.  Short of corresponding to our federal government for such to become policy, the customs agent advised me to ask people to start asking for this stamp when they return.
The agent assured me they would not refuse to stamp it.  Now you have a nice keep sake for your travel for ever and a proof you returned to Canada if Revenue Canada ever questioned you.

Darlene Lafond C.P.C.

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